FinalKey V81 Plus Keyboard Kit


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          V81 plus is a 75% layout keyboard made by aluminum alloy. Here are some specific parameters and information


          - Now supports 3 mode connection (wire, 2.4G wireless, bluetooth)

          - Remove per key RGB and make it per key slotting to increase flexibility and sounding.


          - There are total 4 colors at first release. Spraying White, Spraying Black, Anodized Navy Blue and Anodized Red and the price are same.

          - Silicone feet pad will no longer be used to cover the bottom screw holes

          - Because it is a three-mode connection, a storage compartment for the receiver is made in the upper right corner of the arrow keys. The storage compartment cover is a small nameplate with sandblasted PVD gradient colors.


          - The screen pixels are 135*240 and it is a LCD screen.

          - The screen supports the display of connection mode, time, date, charging, and low power status.

          - There are 3 prefabricated GIF animations, which can be switched between the main interface and GIF images through shortcut keys. Users can also Change your favorite pictures or GIF animations through one of our applications

          What's in box:

          Aluminum alloy case*1

          Single key slotting 3 mode PCB*1

          Type-C separation board*1

          135*240 pixel LCD screen*1

          Slotted PC positioning plate*1

          A set of PCB mounted stabilizer

          3000mAh lithium battery*1

          Wireless 2.4G signal receiver*1

          Aluminum alloy sandblasting PVD storage compartment cover*1

          A set of silicone feet pad

          USB-C cable*1

          Poron Gasket strips one set

          Poron plate foam*1

          ixpe PCB foam*1

          Poron socket foam*1

          Poron case foam (flat)*1

          Keycaps and switchs puller*1

          Picture display

          Video presentation