Finalkey V65 R2


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          Product Details:

          Both color craftsmanship semi -transparent keycap, three colors with set color

          Surface spraying process treatment, the three colors of this time are white, black, wine red

          Dual -mode PCB, Bluetooth \ Wired, support VIA

          Standard the anode oxidation black scratch knob

          6063 aluminum alloy all CNC Case

          PC Plate and FR4 Plate 

          Kailh hot-swappable socket, supports three -pin and five -pin mechanical switches

          RGB backlight, south-facing LED

          Comes with PCB stabilizers

          Poron plate foam, Poron Gasket, Poron case foam, 8x foam ixpe pcb foam

          3000 mAh lithium battery

          Type-C Daughter board

           Silicone foot pad, give away spare foot pads

          Aluminum alloy mirror nameplate 

          Gasket mount

          Ordinary woven keyboard cable

          Double -use key puller

          Hexagon screwdriver

          (The keyboard is not fully assembled, please pay attention to prepare the assembly tool in advance)

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          Sound test

          Product List:
          Double shot process translucent keycaps*
          Anodized knob*1
          6063 aluminum alloy shell*1
          PC positioning board*1
          FR4 positioning plate*1
          PCB Satellite Shaft*
          Poron sandwich cotton*1
          8x foam ixpe shaft underpad*
          Poron bottom cotton*1
          3000mAh battery*
          Type-C separation board*
          Aluminum alloy mirror nameplate*
          Some pads
          A number of screws
          data cable*
          Dual key puller*
          Hex screwdriver*1